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May 2017 Favorites Flavorful Travels
Monthly Favorites

May 2017 Favorites

I know it’s a little late to post my May 2017 Favorites but I’m still doing it. Ha!   Quick update on my blogging and vlogging. I’ve been trying to blog more often as I can for every day,…

Where To Buy Fresh Fruits And Vegetable In Tagaytay Flavorful Travels

Where To Buy Fruits And Vegetables In Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the few areas in the Philippines that has a nice and cool weather, which is best for growing fruits and vegetables. So apart from the view, Tagaytay is also known as a market for fruits…

House Of Young Jose Rizal Flavorful Travels

House Of Young Jose Rizal In Calamba Laguna

Are you a fan of museums? Me? Not much, except for art museums because I think of myself as an artist, though I don’t know a lot of artists of today. Let’s just say I like, but I’m not…

Shutting Down
Off Niche

I’m Shutting Down My Other Blogs, So Goodbye!

Ok, maybe shutting down is exaggerated. I have three blogs.   KOL Blogging is the first I’ve released, which started out as a blog about random things that I liked and found interesting. Then I decided that it should…

New Naia Terminal 3 Flavorful Travels

What’s New Naia Terminal 3?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the airport last Sunday because I had a flight but I had the opportunity to be there and discover what the fuss was all about with the new NAIA Terminal 3.   No, they didn’t…