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The Beautiful Night Lights Of New York City

The Beautiful Night Lights Of New York City

New York is the city that never sleeps. It’s the city of lights. And it’s on the top of the list for travelers. I know it’s on mine. I never really thought I’d actually get to visit it in…

tinago waterfalls linamon

The Linamon Side Of Tinago Waterfalls

I’ve heard of bar hopping before, or mall hopping, or blog hopping, but today I’m coining the term waterfall hopping. Ha! Ok, ok… So maybe I’m not the first to use the term but you really rarely hear it.…


Nuvali Koi Pond Is A Sight To Enjoy

Nuvali is quite popular for 2 things, the large strip of restaurants, and the very unique tourist attraction of a pond filled with beautiful koi fish or otherwise known as the Nuvali Koi Pond.   I finally got the…

Sonya's Garden (11) - Flavorful Travels
Dine Food

Sonya’s Garden Is A Buffet For The Vegetarians

I can say that Sonya’s Garden is a hidden restaurant up in Tagaytay that’s an all out vegetarian all-you-can-eat buffet. Although they really haven’t declared that they only serve vegetarian food, and in fact, they serve chicken on their…

Gourmet Farms - Flavorful Travels
Dine Food Travel

Healthy Treats From Gourmet Farms In Silang

Last weekend, Jan and I visited Santis Delicatessen along Silang road going to Tagaytay. But it’s not the only cafe-slash-shop-slash-restaurant we stopped at. Across the road, just a few meters away, is another similar type of place called Gourmet…

Hap Chan 5 - Flavorful Travels

Newly Opened Hap Chan At SM Dasmarinas

Asian food is one of the most creative of cuisines. From simple dishes to complicated ones, Chinese food is definitely an adventure of the tongue. It’s my first time to eat at a Hap Chan branch and I’m not sure…