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This Blog Is For You

For the person who loves to go places. For the person who loves the taste food.

For the traveler and for the foodie. Flavorful Travels is your partner to experiencing the world.

From corner to corner of the globe, turning it upside down and inside out, and squeezing every last hour and moment to enjoy what life has to offer.

To travel and experience the world in ways that TV can never show.

To taste every cultures’ delicacy.

To satisfy the tongue and tummy with what mouthwatering food there is to eat.

To learn and grow as our feet steps on unfamiliar soils.



Flavorful Travels

Flavorful Travels is not just a blog but also a storybook, publicly published on the web for every person to freely access. Get inspired to travel and eat, though the eating part may not really need the inspiration to encourage you to do it.


This is where you’ll discover new places that you’ve never been to, and new restaurants that you’ve never eaten at. Don’t worry, our travels may sometimes look extravagant but they are really not so expensive. In fact, our experiences are affordable to the average Filipino.


Most of the places we go to are around the Philippines, but we also love to travel around Asia, and sometimes we travel further to the US. We love to travel, and who knows, we might even end up visiting the lions in the deserts of Africa.


This is where we share our most exhilarating, extravagant, adrenaline rushing… ah basta… totally worth it experiences from traveling in every nook and cranny in the Philippines, all over ASIA, and around the rest of the globe.



What Is The Story Of Flavorful Travels?

Flavorful Travels was conceived when I narrowed my blog niche. I started a blog, now called KOL Blogging, and I’ve published all different kinds of content in it including stories about my travels and food trips. I then narrowed down the niche of KOL Blogging to just Blogging and Content Marketing.


I no longer published posts about other things, but later on, I realized that I can’t just write about blogging and content marketing. After two years of launching KOL Blogging, I launched a new blog, Flavorful Travels, which is now the home of my travel and foodie stories.


I hope that you find yourself relating to all our (my travel partner and me) stories and be inspired to get out and discover new places and to eat to your heart’s desire.



Meet The Travel Partners


Me and my travel partner2 - Flavorful Travels


Heide and Jan


Me and my travel partner - Flavorful Travels


I’m Heide Padilla, the blogger and author of every blog posts on Flavorful Travels but I am not alone in my journeys and 100% of the time, I’m with the boyfriend, Jan. We’re both Filipinos from the beautiful country of the Philippines.


I’m actually from the northern parts of the Philippines, in a city up in the mountains, 5,000 feet above sea level called Baguio, which is the summer capital of the Philippines.


Jan is from the south, where he lived near the sea in a city called Iligan, which is the city of majestic waterfalls because it is the home of more than 20 beautiful falls.


I learned to love to eat because of Jan and he learned to love to travel and be adventurous from me, I think. With our combination, we make a deadly traveling foodie couple.


Flavorful Travels


The articles that are published in Flavorful Travels tells the story of how we’ve experienced a vacation, a new restaurant or an old one, a visit, a hotel stay and more. Our motto says, “We Travel. We Eat. We share experiences,” because that is how our posts are written. We don’t do ratings or count stars, we tell you exactly what happened to us from encountering people to how the waiters treated us; from the sugary taste of cakes to the comfy seats that held our butts. We tell you every detail.


With that said, we’re very much open to invites so we can experience your restaurants, your hotels, your inns, your flights, your tours, or anything that you want to offer related to traveling and food.




Send Us An Invite!


Send us an invite to experience your hotel, restaurant, inn, tours, flights, or anything that you want to offer that is related to traveling and food. We’ll share our experiences and stories to help promote your business. Inviting us is free of charge but you shoulder the expenses of our visit.


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