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Cartimar Is Where You Get Your First Pet

Cartimar Flavorful Travels

Last weekend, we were able to do so many activities in just three days that my things to blog about list is filled again. One of those is visiting Cartimar.


I never knew an area like this existed in the midst of Pasay. I always thought Pasay is a city of offices and malls but not a supermarket of animals and plants.


Jan and I were thinking of getting our first dog, so researched a place where we can look for one. He found Cartimar. We visited the area, which is an arcade of pet shops, plants sellers, and so much more. The billboard at the area says, “Cartimar International Shopping Center”. I’m not sure why it says international but for sure it’s a shopping center.




Cartimar Flavorful Travels


Cartimar Flavorful Travels


There is a parking lot when we arrived but since there were a lot of people, it wad full and we had to wait in line for other cars to leave. It didn’t take that long though. There were lots of parking areas in Cartimar and we parked in front of the area for plant sellers and near the fish sellers, which we walked into first.


I’m more of a cat and dog person. Jan is the fish guy. Ha! He’s a big fan of goldfish (especially redcap) and koi fish. So he was really happy going through here.


A lot of the shops didn’t allow taking photos so most of the pictures here were stolen. Haha… I don’t get why they don’t allow taking photos. I mean, it’s part of advertising. People would usually post those photos on social medias like facebook and mention Cartimar, thus more publicity for the place.


Just because I’m not a fish person does not mean I don’t like them. I find them really relaxing to watch. We found this one shop that had really pretty fighting fish and I suddenly wanted one.




Cartimar Flavorful Travels


Cartimar Flavorful Travels


Cartimar Flavorful Travels



Then we went to the cat and dog area where we found so many cute and adorable puppies. I didn’t get any pictures here because I felt like they were more strict about photo taking. But anyway, you know how cute puppies are. Some of the shops were not airconditioned and the puppies looked sickly. So just a warning to those who’s planning to drop by this area to buy a pet. Make sure to buy pups from shops that look clean, air-conditioned, and with pets that are energetic.


We found this one shop that sells half spitz and half …. pups. And there was this one puppy that was just so adorable. He was with his two brothers and among the three of them, he was the smallest but he was the most adorable. He was being sold for Php4K. Jan said he was too expensive so we didn’t buy him but he really was the cutest.


Full breed pups were even more expensive so we didn’t buy a puppy after all. Instead, we decided to buy a fish. I’m not sure how it happened or how Jan talked me into buying one. Or maybe it was me. So we went back to the fish area in Cartimar where we found the pretty fighting fish.


The seller was a hobbyist, I think because he didn’t just sell us a fish. He was telling us the different sort of fighting fish and which is female and which is male. When I finally decided to buy one of the more expensive ones, which had the elephant ears, he kept asking me if I was sure and I was having a hard time to choose. When I chose one, he’d said that it had small ears and chose one that has bigger prettier ears.




Cartimar Flavorful Travels


Cartimar Flavorful Travels


Cartimar Flavorful Travels




So we finally got a fish. Haha. Come in to buy a dog go out with a fish instead.


In the car during the ride home, I decided a name for him. At first, I was just joking around calling him, Baba, Bushiba, and other crazy names. Then I remembered one of our favorite series, which is The Flash. And I decided to call him Barry Allen. Yeah, the complete name but most of the time we just called him Barry. Though he was blue, he had red streaks on his fins and a highlight on his body (Flash is a superhero with a red suit if you must know).


Despite the many activities we’ve done last weekend, I chose to write this one first (except for Snorkeling In Anilao Batangas) because I was just so excited to share with you that I have a new pet. Hehe.


Here’s Barry now in his new fish bowl home.


Cartimar Flavorful Travels




Tips For Buying Your First Pet:

Barry is not my first pet. We used to have five dogs before my family moved to Italy, so I guess it’s safe to say that I can give you tips for buying your first pet.


The first tip for you is to make sure you want a pet because it’s a big responsibility. You need to feed it, clean its poop, and groom it if needed. It’s a live thing so if you’re going to be irresponsible about it, just don’t buy one. Spare the animal and let someone else adopt it.


Decide which pet you really want. The gravity of work on a pet varies for each type of animal. Then decide which breed you want and research which one is the best for your lifestyle and energy. Like when you buy a dog and you’re more of a lazy person, don’t buy a retriever because they require a lot of exercises.


Set your budget. Make sure you know how much you are spending so you won’t suddenly be blinded under the spell of cuteness to buy a Php15K puppy when you only planned to spend Php5K.


The best tip I could give you for getting your first pet might be to just ask for a puppy from a friend or relative. It won’t cost you anything but because it was given to you, you’d definitely be embarrassed not to take care of it.




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  • Nancy
    May 14, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    It’s interesting to see how marketplaces are like in other countries. Koi fishes are beautiful! I’m not sure why these places don’t allow photography either. At least you got to steal some shots ;). The seller definitely sounds like a hobbyist with all of the fun facts he was throwing at you two! Barry is a cute name to give to your fish!

    These are some great tips on getting a pet. Hope everything will go well with you!

    • Heide Padilla
      May 15, 2017 at 5:12 am

      I thought it was just me who noticed. When we were in Hong Kong, there was a market just like this one and HK is really known for gold fish. They also had pups, and cats but more fish.