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Chalet Hotel Baguio Affordable Luxury

Chalet Hotel Baguio

Isn’t it so frustrating to look for a place to stay at when you’re traveling? Baguio is my hometown but ever since I moved to central Luzon and my family moved to Italy, I no longer have a place to stay at when I visit. Well, I can stay with friends but coming over and staying with Jan is kind of awkward with my friend’s parents. Ha! So every time we go up to Baguio, we book a hotel and there are so many hotels, inns, and transient houses in Baguio, which makes it really so hard to choose. Staying at a place for the first time is kind of worrisome because you can never really tell if you’re going to get your money’s worth. Luckily, we found Chalet Hotel Baguio.


We stayed at Chalet Hotel Baguio for the first time a year ago and surprisingly even if the cost was low, the room was pretty classy and nice. It also has the perfect view. So when we went to Baguio again last weekend, we decided to book another one of their rooms. Of course, the expectation is the same and they always deliver.


Chalet Hotel Baguio


I couldn’t expect a five-star treatment because they are not five-star. The staff is friendly, like ordinary locals of Baguio and they will attend to your needs if you ask them. Plus they serve free 24/7 coffee at the lobby. So the service is fine. If you’re not staying in the whole day at the hotel, you wouldn’t really mind not being treated like you’re in a luxury hotel.



The location of Chalet Hotel Baguio is also perfect because it is at Military Cutoff road, where there’s usually no traffic. This road is right after Kennon Road and is near Marcos Highway so it’s very convenient if you’re driving to an fro central Luzon. But if you’re coming from the North, then Naguillian Rd. is a different route. If you’re commuting by bus, it’s also perfect because it’s a walking distance from the Victory Liner Terminal. In fact, it’s a walking distance from the city center, nearest to SM City Baguio.


The breakfast area is also in the lobby. There’s nothing really special about it, though I’d say the food was ok. But since it is in Baguio, they could use some update on the menu. We went there last weekend and I know it’s the time of the year where flowers are in bloom and vegetables are in their greenest. Their menu was a little pathetic that it looked like they forgot to go to the market. It’s just eggs, longanisa, fried fish, and rice. There was a salad bar but it’s not so appetizing. They either have a bad chef or they don’t have a chef at all. A little effort on the food they serve goes a long way. Give us the Baguio experience and cook some real Baguio food please! (Sorry I wasn’t able to take photo of the meal). The dining area also felt a little dull and lifeless. Not much furnishings or decorations. It would’ve been nice if it looked prettier.


Chalet Hotel Baguio


Chalet Hotel Baguio parking area was ok. I think there’s enough room for all guests to park. They have parking space at the front of the hotel and in the basement.Β They don’t have a pool by the way. I know, who would want to go swimming in the cold weather of Baguio, but I’m just saying. And they don’t have a gym. Well, because Baguio is a place where it’s so nice to go for a walk or even run outside, I guess the hotel has an excuse not to have a gym. Also, this may be minus points for them, but they have slow internet. Not so great for bloggers like me who needs to stay connected wherever we are.


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And now, to the bedroom. Yes, they have hot shower. I know hotels should have hot showers but I’ve experienced staying at others before where the shower doesn’t get hot. It’s just lukewarm and it’s not so great. But that’s not the best part about Chalet Hotel Baguio. The best part is that the hotel room looks really classy and luxurious. The furnishing is awesome and gives the room this warm soft and comfy feeling. And I don’t have to say that the room is so clean because obviously, it is. And the view! My gosh, the view! You can see the top of Mount Santo Tomas when you look outside. It’s the two huge round antennas on top of a mountain. I grew up watching these going to school when I still lived in Baguio so it was so perfect for me.


Chalet Hotel Baguio


Chalet Hotel Baguio


Their rooms range from Php2K to Php6K, depending on how big the room is. This room that we booked in the photos, is only a little over Php3K and it’s fairly big. If you’re staying in this room with a group, 5 people can stay in it because the sofas are long enough to sleep in.


All in all, I’d say Chalet Hotel Baguio is actually an affordable luxury. So next time you go and visit my hometown, try booking in Chalet Hotel Baguio and have a wonderful experience resting and staying in a nice classy room.





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  • Teesh
    April 5, 2017 at 6:58 am

    I don’t visit Baguio as much as I did when I was younger, but I agree with the lukewarm shower!! Hate it when that happens (and they can’t do anything about it because all the showers are like that)

    • Heide Padilla
      April 22, 2017 at 10:39 am

      Haha. Yeah. That’s true in some hotels.