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Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos (March)

So it’s that time of the month again when we say goodbye to this portion of theΒ year and say time flies by so fast. And yes, it’s Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos for March here in Flavorful Travels. So I was thinking of changing this monthly post to a weekly post since I’m seriously addicted to Instagram and I’ve been posting about twice a day for every day, well, ok, some days I get too tired from work to post but most days I post at least two photos. So I have a lot to share and I want to share all of it. So starting next week it’s going to be a weekly post and I’m going to call it Weekly Instagram Snaps. And for monthly posts, I’m thinking of publishing favorite places, food, and maybe even books because I also want to share with ya’ll what I’m currently reading, and movies too. That way, I wouldn’t have to do a whole book or movie review because this blog ain’t mainly about that stuff. But for now, here’s the Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos for March.


Girl On The Window

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for some time, you would notice that for some time I gave my photos names or titles, but then I just stopped. But I’m continuing that here instead. I love this photo because it shows me in my hometown and I was so inspired to write something about how I experienced Baguio as a local and not as a tourist. Check out this post:Β BAGUIO THROUGH THE EYES OF A BAGUIO GIRL. Because I really like the way I’ve written it, and I think I’ll be writing more in that same form for a lot of my blog posts moving forward.


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos




I was trying to copy some Instagram techniques where you take a photo of your phone or camera trying to capture a photo. This is how I learned that using a smart phone camera will always have a focus effect. With this shot, the background was blurred and I couldn’t make all or both the background and foreground not to blur, smartphone cameras just do that. But I like how this turned out.


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos




I know it was never my thing to do flatlays, I never even knew what flatlays were until a week or two ago. I just found them on Instagram and thought I should try it so I got loads of shots taking flatlays and they are coming out on April. Ha! BTW, if you don’t know what flatlays are, it’s just taking photos directly on things that are laid flat on a surface just like this photos. It’s also the inspiration for one of my latest posts:Β NOTES FOR TRAVEL COMFY OUTFITS


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos



Che Bellissima

I haven’t shared it here on Flavorful Travels yet but I opened up an online shop called Che Bellissima. I’m still going to need to add a link or ad for it to this blog but you can check it out right now just follow the link. Anyway, this photo was done for this shop, the pearl bracelet is one of my products from the shop. If you want to see more, just visit the shop on Instagram or on Facebook. We’re also on Shoppee PH but not all our products are their.


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos




I know Singapore was so last February but editing videos kind of takes quite sometime and to be honest I still have one more Youtube video I need to edit from last February’s Singapore trip and that’s probably coming out on April. πŸ™‚ But I published the latest from:Β FLOWER DOME AND CLOUD FOREST IN A COUNTRY WITHOUT NATURAL RESOURCES. The video is on the link so you can check that out there. I like this because it reminds me that I’m so lucky I’m able to travel outside the country.


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos



Capturing Moments

I just shared this photo on Instagram and I totally loved the caption I wrote for it.

A camera is an amazing technology that allows us to capture the world and save it in not just our minds but somewhere we can always go back to and make the memory more true. To always say, “Oh, yeah. I remember this.”


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos



The World Is Not Small

Another photo from last February’s trip, which I totally love because the GoPro Hero5 Black makes the capture look so wide angle (duh! Because it is). It’s so impressive. I totally love this shot. You can check out the blog post I wrote on Aquaria here:Β STARTING THE SUMMER AT AQUARIA CALATAGAN BATANGAS


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos



Starbucks Anyone?

I’m so proud of Jan because he’s finally getting so many great shots even though it’s not his thing. He’s an engineer just like me and he is totally not a photographer, but he is very creative and he knows his angles when he really tries. He might even be better than me. So this is one of his great shots of me. Love it! BTW, this is also an inspiration of my post:Β MY CURRENT ADDICTION TO STARBUCKS


Instagram Monthly Favorite Photos



That’s all for my favorites from March on Instagram. Next week you’ll be seeing more of this! Until next time.



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