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June 2017 Favorites

Goodbye, June! You sure are a quick month or maybe I’ve just been so busy that I’m not able to post much on my blog. But for the sake of ending the month, I want to share with ya’ll my June Favorites.


Soon I’ll be sharing with you what’s keeping me busy, expect for playing Everwing (LOL), but for now let’s check out the best of June.



Favorite Movie: Wonder Woman

Definitely Wonder Woman. Not just because I’m a feminist but because it’s just totally awesome. I don’t want to share any spoilers if you haven’t yet seen the movie so all I can say is Gal Gadot killed it. Total girl crush!



Favorite Book: Fallen By Lauren Kate

I’m hating myself because I haven’t read any books lately. I haven’t even finished the books I’ve started on June but I promise I’ll be reading more this July. For now, I want to share with you one of my all time favorite love story fantasy novels, which is Fallen by Lauren Kate. I love this book and I recommend it if you are a fan of fantasy love stories. Read it!


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Favorite Travel Destination: Blue Bay Walk Pet Cafe

Travel destinations don’t always have to be at the beach or up a mountain. Sometimes it can be surrounded by puppies. I cannot believe we haven’t visited this sooner. In the midst of Blue Bay Walk in Pasay (near MOA), there is this cafe with rooms filled with either cats or dogs. It’s called Pet Cafe. We only entered the dog room but we can see from the other side the many cats in the other room. It was a blast playing with the dogs with different breeds. I love dogs and I want to get one! I’ve shared this short video on Youtube. It’s so cute.





Favorite Restaurant: Ooma

One time, we went to SM North because Jan wanted to visit this pet shop. Of course, malling will always make us hungry. By lunchtime we decided to use Zomato to check out which restaurants in SM North has the best ratings and reviews. To my surprise, Ooma has a rating of 4.9. I have never seen any other restaurants with this high rating and there weren’t just one or two rates, there were over a hundred. So we definitely had to try it. I’m so sad I’m not yet able to write a post about this but I will soon. For now, I’m sharing it as the restaurant of the month.



Favorite Food: Magnum Ice Cream

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’ve already shared this story so many times. A couple of weeks ago, I got the flu and it lasted for more than two weeks. When I was sick, I told myself that I’d get better and the soonest that I am, I’m going to try the design-it-yourself Magnum Ice Cream from Magnum Manila. And I did. Totally worth it.


Favorite TV Series: The Arrow

It made it to the top and beat The Flash. Ha! Well, I haven’t really watched much TV series lately because I’ve been busy. Will share that with you guys soon but I just want to say that if I do watch something, it’s usually The Arrow. So for June, I’m setting it as my favorite TV series.



Favorite Vlogger: Solid Gold

Yes, I’m adding something different to the list. I’m including, vloggers or bloggers or even blogs to my monthly favorites. And for this month, it’s Solid Gold Aquatics. Why? I’ll tell you soon! It has something to do with why I’ve been so busy for the month of June. You may already have an idea, but stay tuned to find out. But for now, you can also visit Jenny’s Youtube Channel and watch all her videos about gold fish if you like that kind of stuff. 🙂



That would be all for the month of June. Hopefully, July doesn’t fly out that fast without me being able to enjoy it that much. I hope you liked this post. Now, let’s go somewhere and eat some food. LOL





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  • Mei
    July 8, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    I am only familiar with the movie, of all in this list. Hehe I watched Wonder Woman but sadly I feel asleep halfway through haha na-bored ako sa mga usap-usap scenes. Tas nagising nalang ako dun sa action parts na hahaha

    Pet cafes are becoming more popular lately. I’ve heard about it from Bae and I think they said pets are not being taken care of, or something. I hope the owners will make sure that pets are safe in the cafes.

  • Teesh
    July 9, 2017 at 4:30 am

    I really want to try out eating in OOMA! Haha everyone seems to be eating in there!