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Is It Worth It To Design Your Own Magnum With Magnum Manila?

Is It Worth It To Design Your Own Magnum With Magnum Manila? Flavorful Travels

A few weeks back, I got cough and colds that lasted for weeks. I told myself that when I get better, I’m going to try the design-it-yourself Magnum ice cream from Magnum Manila at SM Mall Of Asia. And I finally got to try it. I know Magnum Manila has been there for so long and, yeah, many of you foodies out there may have a reacting question, “Why did I only try it just now?” Well, I’ve always thought it may not be worth it so the question now is, “Is it worth it?”




I was surprised with the price. I had thought it would be around Php150 to Php200 or maybe even more but the cost was only Php120. So I think that’s cool. The original Magnum ice cream from the grocery store costs Php50 so basically you are just adding Php70 for the extra toppings to design it yourself.



The Ice Cream

Choose between chocolate or vanilla popsicle. I chose Vanilla.


Choose a dip between dark chocolate, brown, or white. I chose brown.


Choose three toppings from whichever is available. I got some almonds, white chocolate sprinkles, and pistachios. I also requested to add a pinch of salt.


Choose between the same dark, brown, or white for additional chocolate syrup. I chose white.


The bartender will dip the original popsicle into your choice of dip. He’ll mix the toppings and cover the coated popsicle with it. He’ll then add the syrup and he’ll do all this in front of you. And he’ll also add a small chocolate icon with the symbol of Magnum on it.


The experience of ordering is kind of the same when you order a sandwich from a Subway shop.


The taste of all the sweets mixed together is a little too sweet but good thing I requested to add a little bit of salt. Because it’s belgian chocolate, it tastes great. I love choco and nuts together so the combination of pistachios and almonds with the chocolate is perfect.




Is It Worth To Design Your Own Magnum With Magnum Manila? Flavorful Travels Heide Padilla



I’ve already mentioned how the bartender (more like a chocobartender) will mix up and prepare everything in front of you. So the service is quick and will only take about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how fast you choose your ingredients. Plus I like that the bartender does his work with charisma. 🙂



Dining Area

It’s so great to know that Magnum Manila has a dining area because during that time my fett were hurting with all the walking we’ve done in the mall. So I needed to sit down while eating my perfectly designed Magnum ice cream. The dining area is nice and has an open cafe feeling with a huge flat screen tv playing infinitely a video about the opening of Magnum Manila. I think that was a nice touch.




Because Magnum Manila is in SM Mall of Asia, I can’t really say much. The location is perfect.




So to answer the question, “Is it worth it to design your own Magnum with Magnum Manila?” I think, based on my blabbering on this post, you already know the answer to that. Most definitely, yes. It is worth it to design your own Magnum with Magnum Manila. I’ll definitely come back to try other designs and maybe going for the dark chocolate dip. 🙂





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