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May 2017 Favorites Flavorful Travels

I know it’s a little late to post my May 2017 Favorites but I’m still doing it. Ha!


Quick update on my blogging and vlogging. I’ve been trying to blog more often as I can for every day, or at least three times a week but I just get really burnt out by a lot of other things in my life, like work, that I just sometimes like to shut down everything and not blog, vlog, or post anything on social media. So that’s how I am lately. But yeah, I’m still trying.


Also, I attended the Bloggers United 2017 for the first time and I didn’t really know what to expect from the event. I didn’t stay there for long because it was sooo hot and too crowded. I wis I was there earlier because I saw some posts on Instagram that Kryz and Laureen Uy were there in the morning. I seriously wanted to get an autograph from Kryzzie that I even brought her book which I bought before. But I didn’t see them in the afternoon and during that time, all the other bloggers in their stalls looked drained and didn’t want to be disturbed though I think it would have still been ok for them. So I just got in and out as quickly as possible. I did get to meet one of the blogger friends I was expecting to be there. Shout out to Shaira Angelique.


So anyway, yeah, that is currently my blogging life. And now to my favorite stuff this month of May 2017!



Favorite Book: Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy

You may have already guessed it when I mentioned I brought Kryzzie’s book with me to the Bloggers United event. Yeah, “Behind The Blog” by Kryz Uy is this month’s favorite book. The book talks mostly about her personal life and how she started out as a blogger and it’s really inspiring the way she never expected to be where she is now. I recommend this book as a must-read for all my fellow bloggers out there. I bought it from a magazine stand in a grocery store so you shouldn’t be able to have a hard time finding a copy.



Favorite TV Series: Dare Devil

I’m a big fan of superhero movies. I just love them. Marvel, DC, Monster Universe, and all that. It’s just so addictive and you could guess that I also enjoy watching the series. For my favorite TV Series of May 2017, I’m trying to choose between DC’s The Arrow vs Marvel’s Dare Devil. Though I like them both, I’m going to go with Dare Devil because I cannot believe I watched it all seasons that’s available on Netflix. I’m not a big fan of gory shows, in fact, I hate them and Dare Devil is definitely one of those shows, but I just could not take my eyes off the screen. The story line is also amazing and Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock (The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen) is super hot. It’s a great series to watch and I can only say that to a few bloody and violent shows.



Favorite Movie: Guardian’s Of The Galaxy

Like I said, I’m a big fan of superhero shows so I can’t deny that this month’s favorite movie is none other than the guardian’s of the galaxy. Though it felt a little bit childish to an almost feel good movie to me, the story line was still great in a way that I cannot predict what happens in the movie. I always do love surprises. And I love Baby Groot. I’m looking for a baby Groot Bubblehead to sit beside my BB8 Bubblehead but a month after the movie was premiered in the Philippines, I still can’t find one available in stores. If you have one or know where I can get one, please let me know in the comment section below.



Favorite Restaurant: Botejyu

I’ve eaten at a couple of restaurants this May and it was a little hard to choose which one is my favorite for this month. For most of them I haven’t even written a review yet. Even for this favorite one. But I’m sharing it anyway, and be sure to stay tuned because review is coming up. Botejyu is a newly opened restaurant at the new wing of SM Mall of Asia. The restaurant looked classy and expensive so my biggest surprise was the fact that the food was good and affordable. More of that on one of my upcoming posts.





Favorite Vacation Place: Anilao, Batangas

You may have already seen one of my posts early in the month of May about our time in Anilao, Batangas. It was my first time snorkeling and it felt really wonderful. Wish I could do it again some place where there’s more fish and more healthy corals. You can check out my post here: SNORKELING IN ANILAO BATANGAS IS A MUST DO



Favorite Summer Activity: Snorkeling

Why not? Ha! It’s always so nice to experience new things, to see new things and to do awesome things that you’ve never done before. This month, one of those awesome experiences of mine, whcih is my favorite is snorkeling. I loved it and I would like to do it again though I don’t really have plans on when I’ll be ablt to do so. Hopefully soon. But for now, I’ll try to experience more and other things I’ve never done before. I made a video of that snorkeling experience, which you can check out here: FLAVORFUL TRAVELS SNORKELING IN ANILAO BATANGAS VIDEO



Favorite Blog Post: What’s New NAIA Terminal 3?

I was able to publish about 10 blog posts for the month of May and I’ve kind of proud. I thought I only did five because I was so busy most of the time. But when I counted, I had ten. Yey! So I have more to choose from and for this month, my favorite blog post is: WHAT’S NEW NAIA TERMINAL 3? I like this because of it’s form. The title itself, I think it intriguing and it doesn’t give away much information, so readers will have read the post to find out what’s new in NAIA Terminal 3. You’d be curious if you travel frequently by plane. I’m thinking of writing more blog posts in this form. More informative and more catchy.


So there you have it. My May 2017 Favorites. I’d like to add more things on my list soon and hopefully on next month’s favorites I can add photos for each favorite. Planning ahead is a must. So I have one month to do it. Hope you enjoyed this post!





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