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Nanbantei Of Tokyo Has Great Service

Nanbantei of Tokyo

Sushi is becoming one of my favorite food lately. It’s light and healthy and definitely delicious. So when Jan and I are out and can’t decide where to eat, Japanese is always a good choice. Well, except for McDonald’s  and Buffalo wings. Ha! So last weekend, we ended up trying out one of the new restaurants at Alabang Town Center, in the new wing. The Japanese Restaurant is called Yakitori Nanbantei of Tokyo.


The shop looks pleasing and as we entered, the lady at the front desk asked us if we wanted to sit at the sushi bar, but Jan wanted a table. I’ve eaten at lots of Japanese restaurants before but I’ve never really tried eating at any of their sushi bars, so that’s one small item on my foodie list that I need to tick off someday. Who knows, maybe I’ll do it this weekend. Haha.


Nanbantei of Tokyo


So we were sent to the second floor where there were lots of empty tables and we were seated at the couch, which my tooshie very much preferred.


Nanbantei of Tokyo’s menu is fairly large and their specialties are sushi or sashimi and yakitori. We ordered the sushi platter, which is a plate consisting of six pieces of maki, five pieces of nigiri sushi, and a crab stick topped with fish eggs. The wasabi and a slice of lemon were served on the side of the dish. I’ve started to prefer for Japanese chefs to put the wasabi on the sushi, which was supposed to be, but I guess that was done because Filipinos have different preferences when it comes to spiciness.




Nanbantei of Tokyo


I really liked the maki from Nanbantei of Tokyo because the rice was deliciously sweet and just the right amount. The fish on the nigiri sushi, on the other hand, were cut a little too thick and the crab stick on one of them was too long for me. But the serving size or portions were fair considering the price of the dish.




We also ordered grilled squid or Ikayaki in Japanese, which was served in two pieces. I’m not sure I enjoyed this dish very much. It was ok, I guess. The squid wasn’t too chewy. But I’m not sure how I prefer my grilled squid. I guess the Ikayaki was cooked fine.


Nanbantei of Tokyo


The third dish we ordered was the Sakana Maki, which is Dory fish wrapped in thin pork or as most Filipinos like to call it, bacon. This was also served in two pieces. Dory fish is delicate but the flavor, if the seasoning is right, can give that mouth exploding taste. And I really liked the Sakana Maki from Nanbantei of Tokyo. I’d say it was delicious.


Nanbantei of Tokyo


The waiter also offered us drinks, and they had a buy one take one promo. So we had to try their Japanese Mojitos. They were sweet and the alcohol in it was light. But since I’m a strong drinker I can hold my liquor too well, the drink did not have an effect on me and I would have liked it if it was stronger than it was.


Nanbantei of Tokyo


Other than the good food, the most noted thing about Nanbantei of Tokyo is their great service. The food was served quicker than I expected. The waiters were all friendly, attentive, and pleasing. And the manager even came to our table to ask how we were doing. Now that’s a plus for the restaurant. I really like good service. So our dinner at Yakitori Nanbantei of Tokyo was pleasantly enjoyed.




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