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Baguio Through The Eyes Of A Baguio Girl

The facade of mountains right on your backyard. The color of green pine gleaming through the fog and drizzle that drops on your shoulders when you’re on your way to school. The soft and cool breeze of the north…

Dine Food

My Current Addiction To Starbucks

Who’s not a fan of Starbucks? If there was a Coffee Capital of the World, this coffee shop would be a leading contender.   Ok, so I’m a big fan of Starbucks and its world class service. I’ve heard before…

Cheesecake Fairy
Dine Food

Cheesecake From The Cheesecake Fairy

Do you know how sometimes new brands come out and their name sounds almost similar to an older brand that’s more popular? Yeah, I’ve been thinking about the Cheesecake Factory everytime I think of the Cheesecake Fairy. But the…

Dine Food

Mesa Surprisingly Affordable

The first time I saw a branch of Mesa was when a franchise opened up in SM Dasmarinas. From the outside, it looks like a classy restaurant with the unique wooden cage-like seating and it was probably expensive. I never…

D'Angelo Pizzaria
Dine Food

D’Angelo Pizzaria Buffalo Wings Please

I know D’Angelo Pizzaria is a pizza place but I’ve come not for that. Haha. D’Angelo is always a good choice for me when I’m looking for a place to eat at MOA and can’t decide where to go.…

March Wish List

March Wish List To The Beach!

I really don’t want February to end. Mainly because it’s the coldest weather of the year in the Philippines and I cannot stress this enough. I hate the heat. When summer comes, I’m seriously like a dying fish that…