Notes For Travel Comfy Outfits

Travel Comfy Outfits

I’ve been wanting to write a post on the things you need to note when traveling long distances because when I traveled to the US for the first time, it was an agonizing 15hour flight. I was not wearing the most comfy outfit and I didn’t know I had to. So I learned from that. But this post is not just a help for those traveling by plane. These travel comfy outfits are also perfect for traveling by land.



So you need a comfy top. Wear something loose and make sure it’s cotton so you’re skin will not be irritated after the long hours of having it over your body. Fitted tops are not so great because they cling to your skin and just won’t let it breathe. Also, remember to remove the tags on the back of the neck that a lot of times are itchy and may even cause rashes. You can also choose to wear short sleeves instead of long sleeves so you won’t get too hot when traveling, but always make sure to bring a sweater.


Sweaters or Jackets

I just said it, make sure to bring one. I’m probably giving advice mostly to people who live in tropical countries in which the weather can be mild or hot. When you’re traveling in countries with Fall or Winter, during these seasons, Jackets or anything thick for covering is a must. But yeah, if you’re just on a road trip here in the Phils, just bring a light sweater. Try to bring ones that zip on the front instead of pulling it over your head, I just think it’s easier to remove and wear when you’re entering or going out of an air-conditioned car repeatedly.





Yes, I’m noting this not just for the ladies but also for the men. Let’s start with the bras. I know it’s weird but you’ll be thankful. For the ladies, make sure you’re wearing the most comfortable bra you own. No underwire. No push-up bras. No halter straps. On long flights, I’ll be honest, I like to unhook my bra to make it feel like I’m not wearing a bra at all. Ha! But I make sure, I’m covered on top so no one would notice. Plus, I’m not doing much on the plane anyway, just watching movies or sleeping so it’s nice to get comfy. For underwear, this goes out for both genders. You seriously need to wear something comfortable down there. Cotton soft and not too tight.


Travel Comfy Outfits





Speaking of getting comfortable on the South side, I think this is one of the most important part because your legs are usually the ones that gets the toll. You’ll be on your butt for quite a long time with your legs crying for a stretch. During my 15hour flight, I was wearing tight skinny jeans which constricted the blood flow on my legs. So no more skinny jeans on your long trip. Try pajama pants, jogging pants, or jeggings. Just make sure that everything is loose.



I’ll say it safely, heels will never go out of style but seriously, they are the definition of beauty is pain. So no heels for comfy feet. Wear flats. Sneakers or rubber shoes will do but try slip ons. I think they will be more preferable.


So I’ve basically covered the travel comfy outfit from head to toe. Now you should feel great and comfortable on your long travels. Let me know if you have a trick or tip to add to these. Hit me up on the comments section.


Travel safe!





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