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Weekly Instagram Favorites

Instagram Weekly Favorites

So this is week 1 of Weekly Instagram Favorites. I’ve decided to change the schedule from a monthly post to a weekly post and hopefully, it’s not going to be overwhelming. And hopefully, it’s not the only thing I’ll be posting here on Flavorful Travels since I still can’t find the time to post every day and am lucky to even get to post 3 at a maximum per week. But if it doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure I can change it up again.


Anyway, here is this weeks favorite Instagram Photos.



Capturing The World

Instagram Weekly Favorites

I’ve posted a photo similar to this last weekend because it was taken from the same shoot in just different angles. Jan has really got the hang of taking great photos, hasn’t he? And I’ve gotten the hang of editing my photos in such a way that it creates a theme for my Instagram account. Cool!




Affordable Luxury

Chalet Hotel Baguio

Chalet Hotel is the only hotel I’ve stayed at in Baguio and can’t really tell of there are better hotels but on experience as a whole, staying at this hotel is totally worth it. I have a review up on the blog and if you’re interested or is planning to go to Baguio, check it out by following the link.



Sitting Pretty

Instagram Weekly Favorites

I know, I just can’t get enough angles. Need more photos here. Haha… It was just, the room looked so nice and the lighting was great.



This View

Chalet Hotel Baguio

Oh, how I wish I had this view on my bedroom window today. I miss the pine trees and cold weather of Baguio. Most views of houses in Baguio looks either like this or a cliff.




Japanese Food

Instagram Weekly Favorites

So lately I’ve realized that I love Japanese food, especially sushi. I think it’s because it’s delicious, it’s also light and healthy for meals. So I really like this photo as a reminder for that.



Date Night

Nanbantei of Tokyo

I know Jan and I always eat dinner, like seriously, every day. But it’s so nice to look at photos that document those moments like this one. Ain’t it sweet?




Instagram Weekly Favorites

Again with my flatlay photos. I totally love it. I know they’re not the usual photos with depth but it’s really nice and unique. And this flatlay photo I took is with my favorite books. Yeah, if you don’t already know, I’m a bookworm and I have dozens of books, which are mostly fantasy novels. What can I say? I still believe in magic. 🙂



I hope you enjoyed this post. Check me out on Instagram.




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