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Why I Love To Travel (Video)

Why I Love To Travel

At the start of 2017, I set some goals and one of my personal goals for this year is to vlog more often. And I want to do a series of videos about my thoughts and call it Heide’s Thoughts. It will mostly be about traveling but we’ll see if I can discuss other things because my mind is just full of ideas that I can’t seem to share to others, not even to my close friends because I’m not really a talkative person (but I’m trying to be). So I’m going to publish my thoughts here. Ha!


Anyway, my first vlog is about Why I love to travel. Check it out and let me know what you think.




Traveling Gives New Experiences

I fell in love with traveling because of the experiences. It is one of the main reasons for most people to fall in love with traveling. Having to go through new things is amazing and it actually molds you to love change, and accept them as a positive effect in your life.


Traveling Make Me Feel Powerful

When I first traveled outside the Philippines, I was overcome with a different feeling. I felt like I could do anything, become anyone and go wherever I want to. So traveling makes me feel powerful. And ain’t is such a good feeling to hang on to?


Traveling Makes The World Feel Small

My whole family is currently in Italy, and I’m the only one here in the Philippines. Well, besides relatives and I live about six hours bus ride away from them. So that’s either scary or super fun because there are no adults to boss me around (yes, I don’t consider myself an adult yet… Just kidding). So when I travel, especially outside the Philippines, it makes the world feel small and makes me feel like my family isn’t so far away. I am planning on visiting them in Italy but I need to save up first because traveling to Europe is expensive.


Traveling Makes Me In The Know

There’s this thing about traveling that gets you in the ‘know’, like knowing what’s hot and what’s new. I get to share these things with friends and it’s a great experience. I don’t know why I like it, but, yeah, I do like it.


Traveling Provides Exercise And Fresh Air

Regarding the fresh air? Maybe not all the time because that depends on the destination, though I don’t like visiting pollutedΒ cities, sometimes the trip is unavoidable. But most definitely it’s for the exercise. I’m a person who likes to be active and traveling gives me that exercise, which is why I love it.


Traveling Give The Opportunity To Meet New People

I’m not sure I should be adding this to my list of reasons why I love to travel because I don’t really travel to meet new people but when I do meet people when I travel, I’m very open to it and it is part of the great experience. Like there’s this one time I was traveling on my own from Mindanao going back to Manila and I sat on the plane with an American from Texas who was visiting the Philippines for two months. We got to talking and shared our experiences and views about traveling, and it’s pretty awesome.



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