A Yearning To Travel

Yearning to travel

So, I’ve finally got the time to just sit down and blog but I don’t feel the inspiration to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I still have like five topics on my list to blog about, but for some reason, the words just don’t flow right through my fingertips. And I’ve been wondering why. I thought it’s mainly because I haven’t traveled lately and I’ve been yearning to travel.


This blog is all about food and traveling, and I just can’t write about my day of sitting down and watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, which by the way is such an epic series (just plugging in). Even if I still have loads of topics to blog about on my list, the inspiration kind of loses it’s effect when you’re not doing the right activity. And so today, I’m not going to share any of my travel or food trips. Today, I’m going to share how I feel and how I’ve been yearning to travel.


When I was younger, I could remember that I dreamt of traveling the world. I dreamt of Italy and its beautiful history of ruins and gladiators. I wanted to see the famous Colosseum. To be in the midst of all those seats though now I can imagine they are empty. But I wanted to stand there, and turn 360 degrees and look at the sky to imagine what it could have been like to hear the roar of the crowd when there was a fight. I wanted to see the city river of Venice and have wine while sitting in a gondola while a man wearing red and white stripes row the boat. And I still do. Most of my traveling dreams were about Europe.




Greece was on the top of my list mainly because I’m such a big fan of Greek mythology. When I was in high school, it was taught in our English class. I always loved reading about Athena, Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Hermes and all the adventure of every other Greek god and demigods. I wanted to see the Temple of Athena, which I believe is still majestic though now in ruins.


The other European country I’ve been dreaming about lately is Paris. I guess I’ve just been seeing so many photos of it in Instagram lately and I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like to stand at the foot of the Eifel Tower and see the beautiful trees bloom with flowers of many shades of red, pink, and violet t this time of the year. It’s all just so pretty.


Yearning to travel


Speaking of flowers blooming this time of the year, two years ago, I’ve been saving up for a trip to Japan to see the Sakura trees bloom in April. Now I don’t want to share what happened to those savings but I can only say that I spent it on something much more important. But still, I yearn to see those lovely trees and feel the wind blow off the petals to fall to the ground. I feel it as a need.




Europe is not the only continent I’d like to see, but there are so much more in Asia I’d never been to and I also want to go to Africa. I know, it’s kind of scary because when we say Africa, one of the very first things that come to mind may be chaotic and not safe. But I want to see the real deserts of Africa. I want to see where Simba was born though fictional he is, I know Pride Rock is out there somewhere. I want to see real lions and tigers in the wild and feel that exhilarating moment to look into their hunting eyes. I want to ride a hot air balloon across the Sahara desert and feed the giraffes and elephants on an oasis. It would be amazing.


The Sahara desert they say is as large as the United States, and though I’ve already been to the US once, I’d like to go back again. I want to see the night lights of New York City once more and maybe next time, stay there for longer than just one day. I want to go to Vegas. I’ve always been a party girl, and I know that I’m going to rock that city when I do. And I also want to go to California and maybe even surf their gnarly beaches. That would be totally amazing. I’d have to learn how to swim first but, yeah, amazing.


Now I don’t want this post to go any longer, but I know that I have more places in my heart that I want to see and maybe in my lifetime I won’t get to go to all of them, but at least I know I’m taking it step by step. One by one. And maybe someday, I could say that I have traveled enough and that I have seen the world. Felt it and experienced it in so many ways that I will never forget and never regret. I have fallen in love with traveling and it’s such an amazing feeling. And so this is why I’m sharing this with all of you. This is my yearning to travel.


PS. I’m buzzed with wine while writing this so you should know that I’m telling as much truth as I can from the heart. 🙂 *hiccup*




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  • Teesh
    April 17, 2017 at 11:58 am

    You can do it, Heide! Medyo matagal lang magipon but I believe you’ll get to see all the places you want to see. 🙂

    • Heide Padilla
      April 22, 2017 at 10:41 am

      The long wait is really agonizing sometimes. Haha